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We are always surprising our amazing patients with the variety of high quality medical services we provide!

Our Services

* Above services are available for Members of the Practice only

See Our InBody Scale In Action!

InBody Experience


Membership Pricing

• Individual (Age 0-18)-Enrollment Fee waiver with adult member $1095/year OR $99 Enrollment Fee and $99/month

•Individual (Age 19+)- $99 Enrollment Fee and $2149/year OR $199/month

•Families - $150 Enrollment Fee and $398/month for two adults, then $50/month for each child OR $4839/year and each child $540/year

Join the family! Become a Member of Rainier Direct Medicine

Pricing varies based on individual and family healthcare needs. Costs may change depending on specific medical requirements and services requested. Rainier Direct Medicine occasionally offers discounts and special promotions, subject to eligibility and verification. We also may offer flexible pricing options for families to accommodate their collective needs. For exact pricing tailored to you or your family, please call us at (360) 762-3445. Our team will provide detailed information and personalized estimates. Prices are subject to change and do not constitute a binding agreement. Pricing and discounts are at the discretion of Rainier Direct Medicine. 

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Beyond Family Medicine

  • Stem Cell Joint Injections

    • Shoulders, hips, knees

    • Hands and tendonitis

  • Genetic Testing for Pharmacokinetics

    • Learn how your body processes specific medications to maximize effective dosages

  • Weight loss counseling and management

  • Skin Care

  • Mole and cyst removals

  • Wart treatments

* Above services are available to the public

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